About us

MISSION: Galore’s mission is to support the economic transformation of Hmong women’s lives through their personal and professional growth.

ENVISION: We envision a world where Hmong women have shaped the landscape of their communities through building a legacy of economic vitality.

1. Integrity: We emulate integrity in all aspects of our lives by keeping our promises and agreements, being true to our values and principles and honoring our words as ourselves.

2. Harmony: We create a culture that values, embraces, and encourages a healthy life balance that includes: self, family, work, and community.

3. Leadership: We are committed to strengthening and empowering the leadership of Hmong women to achieve their individual dreams and goals.

4. Inspiration: We see inspiration as the fuel to igniting Hmong women’s creative power in manifesting their own success.


In 2004, a group of Hmong women professionals and business owners saw a need for Hmong women to network and support each other to grow their businesses and develop their personal and professional selves. Many of these women belonged to different networking associations, professional and personal development groups, and chambers of commerce throughout the Twin Cities. As minority business owners and professionals living in the United States, they recognized that very few groups supported their work as women, nurtured their talents, and addressed their cultural needs. As a result the Professional Hmong Women Association was created to address these areas. By doing so, they were able to provide a space for Hmong women to network and discuss their business challenges and opportunities.

In April 2011, the board voted to change our name to Galore, Professional Hmong Women Network.

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